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Abrasive Supply Company, exclusive manufacturer of Polyblast™, offers a full line of cryogenic and ambient deflashing/deburring media. Polyblast is fast and cost-efficient, quickly deflashing molded rubber and plastic parts without damaging equipment or the final product.

We are confident in Polyblast’s performance because we use it every day in our own Custom Deflashing Services department. Each Polyblast grade is thoroughly tested in actual field conditions to ensure product performance and reliability.

We carry an extensive inventory of Polyblast for excellent turnaround on most orders.

Polyblast Technical Data:

Polyblast is manufactured from 100% polycarbonate resin in the medium viscosity range and has excellent thermal resistance and toughness, allowing it to withstand extremely low temperatures.

Specific Gravity 1.2 gms/cc
Bulk Density 40-46 per lbs cu ft
Hardness Rockwell M 70

Rockwell R 118

Operational Temp. Cryogenic Grade: -200F to 300F

Ambient Grade: 0 F to 300 F

Chemical Nature Inert
Characteristics – Cylindrical shape – High impact strength – Abrasion resistant – Dust free
Packaged 30 lbs/ 13.6 kg poly-lined boxes


Polyblast is available in the following standard sizes. Standard colors include White (W), Yellow (Y) and Green (G). Please inquire for applications requiring special sizing.

Polyblast Sizes Size Specifications
Polyblast 20 – Available in White Only 20 mils dia x 20 mils long
Polyblast 30 – Available in Yellow Only 30 mils dia x 30 mils long
Polyblast 45 – Available in Green Only 45 mils dia x 45 mils long
Polyblast 60 60 mils dia x 60 mils long
Polyblast 80 80 mils dia x 80 mils long

Polyblast Size and Color Samples:
(G) – Green, (W) – White, (Y)Yellow


From pre-application testing to hands-on assistance, Abrasive Supply Company is the all-in-one solution to your application challenges.